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My name is Ezequiel Gonzales. I am a photo realist artist. I learned to paint during my prison term; I've been painting since 2013. I use photo resources from magazines and/or other resources to create my art with acrylic and oil paints. I started with simple flowers, then advanced to more detailed work like portraits and landscape murals.When I paint, I focus on interesting and unique characteristics to capture my subject's personality. I use various pigment colors to connect my work with my viewers. My goal is to share with people, my life lessons in how art and personal healing go hand-in-hand.Thanks for reading. Be sure to visit my YouTube channel.

"Family Portrait" 18"x24" Acrylic on canvas Original work $450
"Family Portrait" 18"x24" Acrylic on canvas Original work $450
Original and limited prints of this piece available.
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