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Welcome to my little slice of the internet, where my work lives forever!😎

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The work by Detrick Shaw speaks for itself...but others want to hear from you. Don't be shy. All criticism is good because it helps the artist to see the "low points".

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"Proud of you D!😍" #StreetVanGogh, #UrbanPicasso, #TripStarDaVinci, #FREEtheNewEraRenaisancePainter
"Proud of you D!😍" #StreetVanGogh, #UrbanPicasso, #TripStarDaVinci, #FREEtheNewEraRenaisancePainter

October 23, 2019 review 

"Your off to a great started D. I love the mat and shower curtain I got through your portfolio. Keep up the great work".

PS: Glad you finally got your books online. I'll be a reader fosho!💘💋




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Prison is an unforgiving place when it comes to education....

I was told once by a school psychologist that I had a learning disability, and that I needed to be in "special education". Worse yet was the news that I had dyslexia.

But you know what, 5 years--and a hundred tests later--I got my ministry certificate shown here. The education accomplishments that led up to this are a huge source of pride for me. Read them all here.

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